tichels, scarves, and sheitals: holy hair

Ok, so getting married for Jewish women means starting to cover your hair. There are a number of ways to do it, largely based on the community you live in and the Rabbi you follow. In general, the choice comes down to scarves (tichels) or wigs (sheitals).

Apart from the halachic importance of covering your hair, which I’m not going to pretend I truly understand, there is the spiritual aspect of being reserved for our husbands, being modest, and having the capacity for greater holiness.

A pet hate of mine is when men are constantly changing their kippot (yarmulkas) as some kind of fashion statement. While I believe the kippah is not a fashion piece, but a reminder of something so much more holy, modesty or tznius for women is a little different. Women are free to adorn themselves with different colours, fabrics, and styles. Once again, I’ll reiterate that this is often dependent on the community you live in because being tznius at the end of the day means to stay somewhat hidden, mysterious and unreachable for anyone other than your husband. That being said, if you live in a more open community with various styles, you can experiment more…or move.

Below are some resources for beautiful creations that will make you feel like a million dollars. Never forget that you are Hashem’s creation and a queen to your husband, so feeling attractive is very important to your self esteem and ultimately how you act towards others. Often when we feel and look dignified we act that way too. But never let your looking inward stop at you. Use your development of yourself to bring more light into your home, community and anyone who’s life you touch.


Beautiful, easy, volumizing, and fabulously French: Judith de Paris

Similar to above but Israel based: Rinati Lakel

Tips, how to videos, and more tichel fun: Wrapunzel or the wider interest blog Andrea Grinberg

Inspirational tichel wearing and more videos: Rivka Malka

Lots of options for colour and size: The tichel shop

Your basic long scarves: Modest world

Not sure about this place but reviews are good: Head coverings by Devorah

More to come soon…


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  1. Judith de Paris has beautiful designs!

  2. itsrivkamalka says:

    How wonderful! Now you can add Wrapunzel to your list:)

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