my home

What is this place so far far away?

That place where millions of people have been drawn to for thousands of years.

What is this nation that fills so little space and penetrates so many nations?

That place which people cry for in their daily prayers.

What is this land whose people give their lives for?

That place between the sea and the mountains, between war and rest, between this world and the next.

What is this place whose children have flavoured the world but who have not found themselves?

That place where life is more real because life is filled with spirituality.

What is this place that asks to take its sons to war but gives land away for peace?

That place where miracles are a daily occurrence.

What is this place that attracts the souls of the dispersed and can’t untangle the souls of its residents?

That place we send our kids to for connection but fear the connection be too strong.

What is this place where foreigners fear the bus and the locals stay as the rockets fall around them?

That place where music fills every street, song every house, and prayer every person.

What is this place that will make you sweat for every piece of comfort but let your spirit grow for free?

That place filled with ruin after ruin and ingenuity after ingenuity.

What is this place where the pious will listen to your deepest stories but not look your way on the street?

That place which is the center of life, yet so far from my reality.

What is real when you are not home?

What is home when it is not Israel?

far away

28th August 2007


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  1. MS says:

    Can the host of this blog please contact me about a topic relevant to Baalei Teshuva? Thank you.

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