a man today

What is a man today?

I see that most embody one, but they’re not men

They prefer the external to the real

They live for lust not love

They act in haste not patience

They build shells of air not homes of warmth

They distract themselves with objects so the truth is out of reach

They, inside – such broken things

What is a man?

The young portray an air of strength not knowing what real strength is

Strength cannot be known when there is no fear in G-d

Courage cannot be achieved when you see the fire, but not its source

Wisdom cannot be gained when you do not seek to know the young and old

Life cannot be sweet when you do not know what Good is

Freedom is illusionary when you’re bound by chance alone

Peace cannot grow when you  do not plant the seed

What is a real man?

I’ve seen the rarity before

Lucky to be close to him

To witness what a man should be

He’s a contradiction, drawing strength from within and kindness from without

He’s soft with love, not eager with lust

He’s strong with knowledge, not illusionary might

He’s quiet with wisdom, thinking before he speaks

He’s trusting to the loyal, but fierce to those that aren’t

He’s kind to the weak, but believes in those that help themselves

He’s tactful with his jokes, not adding fire but bringing relief

He’s honest with his inner circle, but calculating with the rest

He’s loud with laughter, not caring who is infected by his joy

He’s understanding when you fail, but expects the highest of achievements

He’s a source of wisdom, yet not explored the Torah of his words

He’s an example of how to live, never preaching with a tongue or stick

He’s human so he falls, but courageous in seizing the opportunity in every fall

He’s not interested in idol chatter for he needs to optimize the finiteness of time

He’s quiet about his opinions, for his actions speak for themselves

He’s open with his heart to those near, but modest in affection

He’s a tower of ideals, but never judging others on them

He’s a visitor of the sick and aged, even if they don’t appreciate his time

He’s proud of what he’s built, but more in awe of those who build as well

He generates human interactions, but is never the centre of attention

He lives to do what is right, no matter how hard those actions are

He’s my hero.

…written October 2009


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