Jewish learning

“Learning” is the term us cool kids use to mean any classes or education to do with Judaism. It’s growth through Torah.

There’s heaps out there online, in the form of essays, video and mp3s. Download or listen on site. We are fortunate in our day and age to have access to some of the greatest Rabbis and Rebbetzins, with whose wisdom we can dive into the world of Torah, help ignite our souls and grow every day.

So here’s some reliable ‘authentic Torah’ resources to give you the chance to learn anywhere you are, any time, for free. No excuses, even from Australia.

Great sites for free Jewish mp3s and audio (heaps to discover, more litvish) (lots of speakers, lots of topics, more advanced) (foundation Judaism) (more Chabad) (Rabbi Katz site…profoundly unique)

And the basics, including inspirational and practical stories/ articles, you can always find here

Happy learning!


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