These books brought me to where I am and fuel my being in many ways. Each is it’s own gem and is in no particular order.


1. To Kill a Mockingbird – American classic about racism (fiction)

2. Liquid Love – A sociology book about relationships today (non-fiction)

3. The Prophet – Almost in the form of a poem, it has some great quotes and real meaning (fiction)

4. Emotional Intelligence – An absolute handbook in psychology and sociology (non-fiction)

5. Everything is Illuminated – Connects to me in every way – geneology, family, searching, Jewish identity (fiction)

6. A Cage of Butterflies – Interesting book about autistic children (fiction)

7. If This is a Man (Primo Levi) – A very powerful and graffic book on the holocaust (non-fiction)


1. Silent Revolution – Stories about communist Russia’s impact on the Jews. Somehow it feels like reading my own story. (non-fiction)

2. The Power of Words – must read and keep and re-read for all, religious or not (non-fiction)

3. Perkei Avos – Ethics of the Fathers is a gem in every way. It’s what your parents forgot to tell you about morals and codes of conduct. It’s also a core text that people learn, from beginners to those who have been religious their whole lives.

4. Together we are One – why didn’t anyone give this to me earlier? Must read BEFORE you get married and engaged and a must re-read when you’re married.

5. Soul on Fire (Elie Wiesel) – Elie Wiesel is always fabulous, but this book is really beautiful in giving its reader a snapshot and insight into many of the chassidish masters, their lives and stories they told. A great first read into the chassidish world.

6. To Remain a Jew (Rav Zilber)- every page is epic and great if you like to read in short spurts, but you really won’t be able to put it down. What Jews went through to stay religious in the USSR is beyond super-human and this book seems to capture it all.


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