why blog?

This seems like a pretty legitimate question. And it is. I’ve never written a blog before so why now?

There are a few reasons. Apart from the selfish one of writing being a completely cathartic process for me, the real reason is my baal teshuva process has led me to this. I have often wondered and asked the question of “what challenges and victories have other women faced in their baal teshuva process”, “what brought them to this need to living a fulfilling Jewish life?” Most of all, if wisdom means to learn from all those around you, then why can’t I find books about people’s baal teshuva journeys? And it is this that sparks my interest: people’s journeys, their growth, their development and the individual situations that inspire and bring so much joy when are shared.

One of my most enjoyable experiences at the start of my “baal teshuva journey” was going for a short month to Neve Yerushalayim, a girls seminary in Jerusalem. Not because of the place, but because of the people. It was so incredible to see girls of different ages, families, countries, languages, education levels, etc to be dedicating time to growth, in the full sense of that word. So many stories, so many paths. I wonder where they all lead and how we all affect one another.

As you can probably tell, my key points of interests are psychology, sociology, and as of recent, theology. That is what I come to the table with. That is from which my perspectives stem.


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  1. Regina says:

    This is so inspiring. How can I be in touch with you?

    1. laura says:

      Thanks for your lovely feedback. Feel free to contact me on email – baalteshuva.blog@gmail.com.

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