I don’t think it’s too positive talking about myself so in depth but I wanted to give back a little to those fighting for truth and so in this blog I share my philosophies and those I’m constantly learning from the wonderful people around me. The aim is simple: help other baalei teshuva, those finding and discovering their Jewish heritage. Every baal teshuva journey is different but maybe from what I’ve gained you will gain.

Maybe one day you’ll share your story too. Maybe you’ll be inspired. Maybe you won’t be.

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This was my Mission Statement before I became observant. Something I recommend all baalei teshuva write before going on the journey, and re-read while they are on it. It was my own permission for me to explore. You can also read about My Silver Plater, where my history began, and my story of how I became a baal teshuva. In Jewish thought, stories aren’t there to put us to sleep, but to wake us up. To awaken the deepest part of ourselves.

Me now…

Now I am trying to build myself and the world, trying to give back a little. I’m still asking questions, and this is what I hope to always be doing. We should always seek the truth, build it, and connect. As Jews our job is not to live in the physical world for the physical, and not to live in the spiritual for the spiritual. We are a bridge. And as frightening as bridges can be, we have it in us to elevate the spiritual from the physical. To reveal the light from within the mundane.

We weren’t given free choice and time so that we could waste both. Yet, so many people do. After receiving two bachelor degrees, becoming frum, getting married and unmarried, having a gett refused for over two years, and then realising finding my better half won’t be so easy in the small Melbourne community, I left it all to open up my opportunities. I gave up my awesome job, my apartment, family, friends and community to put myself in the unknown. How thoroughly scary and destabilising. Totally against my nature. And here I am. Growing, building, looking for my partner in life, and battling my natural need for certainty and stability. In life nothing is stable. Even when we think it is we actually have no idea what’s around the corner. It’s scary but also enabling. It enables us to live in the moment and to learn to rely only on the One who makes it all happen, who knows what will happen. I pray every day that Hashem gives me the strength to use every opportunity effectively and I can honestly say that within every second is an opportunity. Time is our greatest asset. Let’s not steal it from ourselves. 

Make yourself a great day!