405 daily

The road between
Bus Four O Five,
How will you do it?
You won’t survive.

A daily slog
from here to there
Bridging worlds.
You scream ‘Beware”!

But I ride this road
Driven to and fro
I feel so blessed
It makes me glow

Every day is different
Every day I’m in awe
Mountains, valleys
Horses, birds galore

What a privilege!
A daily tour
From city stress
What a cure!

But the best part?
It’s us Jews!
Oh what characters!
You i choose!

I choose to be you
I choose to be one soul
Even the hutzpah
Eye on the goal

The goal is clear
Is it not?
A united force
That’s our lot

A force that bridges
Time and space
A force that teaches
Israel’s our place

A place for us all
To finally unite
Even on a bus
Just feel the light.

After thought:
I wrote this little poem a few days ago. The following day I had a very large smelly sweaty man sit next to me leaving me trying to politely gasp for air. ‘A test’ I thought. A test to see if I really believe what I write. Is it part of me or superficial? The following day on the bus, a seminary girl spills her coke on me. Who drinks coke so early in the morning anyway!? Through somewhat grunted teeth I told her it’s ok. Inside I think: ‘Ok ok I hear you Hashem!’

This is called having a relationship with the Almighty. It’s the daily events. The out of the blue instances that we are given to test our resolve and to make us aware of our own needs, desires, words and actions. To be conscious, that we have a choice in that very small moment in time about how to react, that is our greatest gift in life.

May we all have the clarity and strength to be true to our inner voice and inner truth through every daily journey.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Alex says:

    Thank you from a fellow average baal teshuvah, over on the east coast of Scotland
    Alex(Miriam Alexandra )

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