Homeless in Jerusalem

Now that I’m working long hours in Tel Aviv everyone keeps asking me why I’m living in Jerusalem and making the long commute. Don’t get me wrong, I like tel aviv. It’s just not Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is our home, our center – physically and spiritually. Jerusalem is a heavy place where people are pushed in many ways. I always feel like the people of Jerusalem are constantly struggling, with their environment and also with themselves. It’s a place that a person cannot stay still; they either grow or fall. The struggle is real. The choices are ours.
Next week I will be temporarily homeless. A state I am not familiar with but one which makes me smile. Why smile? Because by nature I am a person who likes safety, stability. I smile because I know how far I’ve come and how relaxed I am about my predicament. Everything happens for the best, and this too is for the best.
But this isn’t about me. It’s always about Hashem. I know He is smiling too. He smiles when He sees His children overcoming themselves and their environment. When we are self-creating, we are really co-creating, with Him.
Hashem is also smiling because no child of His is ever alone…or homeless. This week I was looking at apartments and the real estate agent, seeing that I was tired and hungry from a long day’s work in tel aviv, took me via his house to give me his freshly made hot soup to take away. This is Jerusalem. Where we can be our greatest selves, and when we’re down Hashem always reminds us that we’re cared for, loved, fed.
It’s His world for the good. So let’s be good. Rise up above our circumstances and give to one another. You never know who you may help and what positive impact you can have, sometimes years on and even generations later. Be part of the miracles. Be a channel for Hashem’s love.

Jerusalem is Home


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