Hechsher Hashem: get certified for life

The 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are always intense. Every year crazy things happen to me, testing my resolve. This year has been no different. 

While in the process of getting a work visa I asked mum back in Australia to send me my original birth certificate. Apparently it is lost. We don’t have it. There is no evidence that I was ever born. Wait, what? I’m right here. I am evidence that I was born. But that’s not enough for the authorities. They need documentation. To be alive is somehow not proof of birth. 

And so in parallel, the Judge on high, during the 10 days, judges us ‘average souls’ and decides whether to inscribes us, officially, in the book of life. Every year He chooses if we should live. How does He choose? Based on whether we choose to really live. Really live. Not on paper, not in thought, but in heart and action.

Are we individually and as a society willing to choose life? If we do, if we really want to live with purpose and meaning and courage, He graciously forgives our previous mistakes and writes a fresh new certificate: certified for life for one more year. Now that’s a stamp worth the paper it’s written on. 

In order to get Hashem’s stamp of life, we must first be real. Really real. Real with who we are and why we are asking for life. What are you going to do with this precious thing called life? Look inside yourself, your motivations, your desires, and your goals and really be sincere with yourself. Don’t worry, Hashem already knows your truths. Do you? Are you sincere with yourself? Truth doesn’t just happen, it’s something we must reveal. The absence of lies does not create truth. We create truth. So look inside and be true to yourself. Let yourself live a life of truth. Let yourself live.

May you all choose life and be written in the book of life. Fully certified. Hechsher, Hashem.



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