Are you caged or are you free? The source of your intentions, words and actions.

We’re all caged to some degree. We’re caged by our history, our circumstances, our memories, our comforts, our poverty, our society, our families, our fears, our loves, our minds, our clothes and even our bodies. Boundaries, security, but also hiddenness, fragmentation.

There’s a part of us, our neshamas, our souls, that is the untouchable part, the pure part of us that is holy and unadulterated no matter what. This part of us can never be caged. It is the definition of freedom for it is part of eternal Godliness. Less definable, more confronting. 

The challenge in our day to day lives is knowing ourselves. Do we really know the source of our intentions? Do we stop to think why we choose what we choose? Are our intentions, words and actions really coming from the source of truth that is eternal and free or do we just follow our usual caged patterns without thinking twice, because it’s easier, safer, more comfortable?

Do we listen to our neshama? Can we even hear it and know the difference? And don’t be so quick to answer! Our minds have a remarkable ability to mask the source of our true intentions. “For sure this is coming from a place of truth, holiness” we tell ourselves. And then in hindsight we often realise how much we were masked by all the fences around us. We as humans are largely caged, and so many of our decisions are too. It takes consciousness, mindfulness to move beyond our limits.

So this post is a challenge, to myself and to you. Stop and listen, and see if you can hear within yourself. What is it that you really want and where does this come from? Be honest with yourself and uncover the source of your intentions: are they caged or are they free? Then, from that space of clarity, you can choose, plan, speak, and act. 


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