Opening your heart to love

For some it’s an obvious extension of who they are. They’re emotionally open, daring. But they’re also sensitive. They feel the ups and the downs more. The air carries with it much potential and much disappointment. Life is a roller coaster. Few of these people can learn from the downs and use them to build themselves. These special people who can are the truly connected souls. Unlike thinking types, and the emotional types that do get hurt, these souls don’t fear the pain. They use it. They relish the opportunity to take it in their stride and grow. And when they do, they’re ready for something bigger and better, richer, deeper, more colourful and more holy. Their hearts and minds have become better at giving and receiving love.

And this is the relationship with Hashem. We have to open our hearts and not fear. Be open to the pain because it’s given with love, like medicine. And after you’ve taken the medicine and feel better the next day, you only appreciate the love more. It’s not so scary anymore. The greatness is to accept the medicine with an open heart and have no fear of it hurting you. For anything we grow from can’t cause pain. As the Breslover chassidim sing “the world is a very narrow bridge, and the greatest thing of all is to have no fear at all”.

We sometimes get hurt. We sometimes don’t understand why things happen. But ultimately it all comes from a place of love. When we protect ourselves from disappointment, from pain, from failure, we also prevent ourselves from love. True love, authentic, holy, Godly love. And as the Beatles sung, “love is all we need”.

And maybe then, after growing from the downs and being open to the future with an open heart, you’ll be ready for Hashem to bless you with someone special to hold your hand.



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