Get out of my way or stop and listen?

Can you hear it? No? Probably because you’re running too fast, too tangled in your own thoughts. It’s all about you.

Yes, I do it too. It’s the “get out of my way” syndrome. I’m a fast walker. I walk with a purpose, to get somewhere, to do something. There’s nothing wrongs with that per se. Until you start wondering why the five people in front have to walk so slowly, covering the whole footpath (*sidewalk for those Americans reading). How annoying! How annoyed! “How dare they” we ask ourselves. “It’s so rude” we think. And in and of itself it may be. In and of itself, they may need to be a bit more considerate. Like that driver that just pulled out without even looking! Or the dry cleaner who ruined your shirt! There’s always people who just seem to do the wrong thing.

But this is about you. And Hashem of course. We tend to forget about Him.

In these situations, He is there looking out for us. Not in a little way, but a big way. He is nudging us. Whispering in our ears. Can you hear it? No? Keep trying. He is always talking to us. Not in a weird “I think I’m a prophet” way. In a subtle, “come closer, I’ll help you” way.

You think it’s not related? Too little for Him? Why would He get involved in people in your way on the footpath? It’s not beyond Him. He wants you to grow. If He’s sending you nudges, He cares.

And then, when you lean real close and pay attention, you start to hear. To really hear. In many ways Hashem protects us from the bigger things, that, had we had His foresight, we would also want stopped. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if your little ‘disaster’ didn’t occur? Maybe those annoying people on the footpath are slowing you down because Hashem keeps trying to remind you that rushing to work isn’t the point in life. Maybe the bad driver who nearly hit you actually made you drive slower that day and prevented you from knocking off a cyclist. Did you ever connect the two? No? Hashem did. That’s why your ‘disaster’ happened. That shirt that came out ripped from the dry cleaner was maybe to tell you you’re not dressing modestly enough, buy something different.

And there’s often a theme of the messages. It’s there to help you change, to grow, to become more of your holy self and less of the manufactured stuff we often fall back on in society. Only you can really hear and understand the messages. It’s a personal, direct and tailored dialogue.

The first step is to listen. To appreciate your little obstacles, and then we can hear.



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  1. Herzl says:

    AS aBT for ~ 5years, I just want to say a general Toda for your postings.

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