Baal teshuva poem: “alone”

A poem called “Alone” was sent to me by a beautiful young baal teshuva named Malka. It’s precious and I’m sure many can relate to the trials and tribulations behind these beautiful words.


I sit at my royal throne
as I’m given a second soul to refine my connection
I’m away from Jews, all alone
In exile amongst myself, wanting to revert to my old ways
Not asking for recognition, not asking for praise, merely to awake from this horrific reverie
Tired of being introspective, tired of thinking beyond
All I want to do is gather my belongings and abscond
My senses are slapped back into me and I realize how proud He must be
I think it over and finally, my heart and soul in unity can agree
I must continue this path of integrity and truth
For what I do now, in my youth,
Will be the determining factor for my upcoming years
And for what the future bears

Life is never a straight path, but it sure is beautiful when you’re connected and focused on the bigger picture. Like last week’s parsha, we can’t hide from Hashem. He gives us the space to ‘hide’, but He can always see us. It’s our choice to come out, to build a relationship and choose life.

Malka also passes on this beautiful blessing:
“May the light of Hakodosh Barach Hu be the ultimate guide for all the struggling balei teshuvas out there”.

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