At the core of Tisha B’Av: then and now

How different is the world we live in! When the Temple was destroyed, the dogged illusion of Divine absence settled over our world like a perpetual fog. In this world where Divine hiddenness has replaced Divine revelation, we grope for proofs of God’s existence, like fish debating about the existence of water. We are relegated to “believing” when once we simply knew. We struggle, through prayer and meditation, to experience a momentary inkling of the Divine Presence when once we simply basked in it. We are like amnesiacs who experience vague and fleeting memories of a different life, a truer identity, but the actual grasping of it eludes us.

Tisha B’Av made orphans of us all.

But, we can change things. We can make a difference now.

Truly perfect words from Sara Yoheved Rigler in her Tisha B’Av article “TISHA B’AV: Waking up to a world without God’s presence: How to bring God’s palpable presence back into our world.”

Download the full article and many others in the 2013 9th of Av, free Aish reader. It’s a must read for Tisha B’Av inspiration.

Free Tisha B’Av Reader


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  1. Josie says:

    Words so true….beautifully said.

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