Taking it off for others

Nakedness is a philosophical concept, not just a physical one. For in the garden of Eden we were naked and in doing the wrong thing we revealed our own need to hide who we are. In effect our merit to see each other as we are, the core, was taken away from us as a punishment for our own actions. Ever since then we have lived in a world more hidden, where our views of others, and often ourselves, is superficial at best.

One of the most visible actions (or inactions) of the religious lifestyle is that people don’t “check out” each other. So I ask you, “Why look? What do you see?” Most of us see nothing but externalities. That’s why the true character of a righteous person is revealed by their ability not to see but to witness the soul of each individual – something so much more naked then the body.

Daily, as my train arrives into the city I see a Jew get off the train and off comes his kippah too. We’re not here to judge him for he is purely a reflection of all of us. His actions are merely more visible than ours. To one degree or another we all take off our connection to our internal, our soul, and present another Self to the external world. Whether in our dress, at work, online, or in dating, we all hide our nakedness, for this is the world of hiddenness that we live in now.

The strength we need to be honest and true to our essence, our soul, is tremendous. Indeed I would argue that this is the greatest challenge of our lives: to be true to reveal our Selves internally and externally.


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  1. prog4 says:

    A very thoughtful post. Much in this for me. Thankyou.

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