Torah Inspiration: choose life, choose good

You know you have a deep friendship when you can sit together motzei Shabbos and listen to shiurim until 5:30am. You also know that you have a bit of an addiction. Baruch HaShem, Torah can be very addictive. Is it the excitement of gaining knowledge? The depth of the wisdom? The connection within yourself to something so much deeper or to the oneness of the world? Probably all of the above.

Either way, I’m on a high and want to share it with you, as these highs come in waves and so I hope you can catch some of this now.

Here’s some notes from a shiur by Rabbi Aaron I heard last night. The class can be found on a site called So excited to have been told about a new resource with hundreds of free shiurim. In our digital age the Internet can be used for so much good and we can have access to so many great Rabbis and Rebbetzins from the other end of the earth, even from Australia.

Our life purpose, Rabbi Aaron
What aspect of God are you? What good are you?
Look at your yetzar hara. What is it that you’re most challenged with ethically and spiritually? That is why you’re here, to perfect this. “What’s perfect about us is that we’re imperfect beings, with the ability to choose to become a little bit more perfect”. That’s your purpose. What’s the choices I can make today?

How do we make the right choices? Know that you’re not alone. I just work here, I don’t own the universe. You have to choose to speak on behalf of God. Know who you work for. This gives you greater energy. To be a holy person means to know that you’re part of a greater whole.

We have to make choices. That’s our job. People tend to avoid making choices. Don’t worry about the consequences. Just make the choice using ethics set out in the Torah. HaShem will do the rest, what will happen is up to Him. We just need to make the choice. You have no control over what happens after. You’re responsible for your choice, just make the choice in God’s name. You are very powerful, just stop running away from your choices.

“Who you are is God’s gift to you, who you become is your gift to God.”

“You are a Godly being having a human experience”. There’s nothing but God. Not ‘there is one God’, God is One. “We’re the embodiment of the possibility of God choosing good. We are an aspect of him. One self, one consciousness”. We are His ability to choose good, not just be good like angels. Thats why we were given the Torah, because we have a yetzer hara and have the power of choosing good, therefore we are the aspect of Hashem that can choose good. Each one of us is one of those Devine possibilities. Go and celebrate your goodness, but you have to choose it.


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