A comical video on forgiveness and holding onto anger

I’ve always believed in the great power of forgiveness not just because it helps the other person but also because it has an enormous impact on ourselves. People who can’t forgive live in their own jails of anger and resentment. A living inner jail. Even though Yom Kippur is over for another year, the lessons we should take with us are that of compassion and mercy over judgement, and forgiveness over resentment. The high holidays give us the chance to refocus on the bigger picture and move on, to unshackle ourselves from the negativity that we hang onto and which drags us down, and connect to our inner selves which is intrinsically filled with compassion, kindness, chesed, and simcha.

Enough heavy stuff, here’s a funny video about forgiveness. My favourite is the Israeli style fingers held up to the son: “nu!”

Courtesy of Aish.com

If you can’t see the video, view it here.


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