Adass, unity and diversity.

Adass is a scary word for many people in the Jewish community. Whether you’re baal teshuva or not even religious the Adass community is seen as out there, extreme. Interestingly many non-Jews identify Jews with the image of ‘adassnicks’.

Today i had a glimps at Jewish unity through Adass. The unity came from being in a home with photos of people in shtrimels. When my discomfort from all the negative connotations subsided i sat and listened, talked and laughed. I once again came to the understanding that on the inside we are all the same. Our homes may have a different hechsher or different books, different rebbes or rabbis, we might doven different styles, but we are very much the same. Whether you’re one type of chosid or another or mizrachi or litvish, the home is a home when there is a sense of humor, optimism, giving and common purpose.

Adass in Melbourne has both chasidim and litvish. They dress differently and their philosophy is different but they all aim to build a relationship with Hashem and grow as people. So do many other Jews from the myriad of other shuls.

While we tend to see the external differences and judge each other on them, the reality is that we’re all part of the same fabric. What counts is the lightness in our step and our attitude. The home, the inside- that’s where you’ll see what someone is really made of. I’ve been fortunate enough to see many frum homes and despite the clear distinctions that people create between each other (ie. I’m A and not B or C) these homes are much more similar than they are different.

May we each find the community style that we feel comfortable in but may we most importantly stop judging. Go beyond the clothes, the community, the shul, and dive into the home. There you’ll see more unity between our Jewish ‘sects’ then you would wish to believe.

Our glass is half full. See beyond the glass.



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