Modeh Ani every day: acoustic original

This music is my alarm in the morning. I wake up and try to internalise the words, to appreciate having one more day to create, to build, to accept. Life is so much more meaningful when you are thankful for the gifts you have around you. And before I hear you say ‘but’ consider all the things we forget to consider.

Every morning I wake up to this beautiful acoustic version of this morning blessing and try to carry it with me through the day. Sometimes it lasts until lunch time. I guess that’s why we have so many blessings to say throughout the day. It’s a reminder of our modei ani – our appreciation for having the opportunity of one more day of life, of goodness in our lives.

The sun shines on your face, a bird chirping, someone laughing, the sounds of the rain, a beautiful person, a flower, the ability to turn the light on when it’s dark, of friends calling to check up on you, your mum reading between the lines, or the feeling of a warm blanket. I could go on.

Stop this Shabbos and just appreciate all the incredible things you already have in your life. Reconnect to Hashem by simply realising how much He has given you for no particular reason. Just because He is giving. If only we were so giving.

So you see, upon analysis we have so much to be grateful for and we see that indeed Hashem is very very generous. Modei ani every day.

every step I take is a miracle. It’s a wonder I can even move at all


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