Hashem moved my cheese: a story of emuna

So this is the story of my recent history. An episode like no other. One of loss, courage, searching and building. It’s time to share what I have learnt.

Recently I was given a book called ‘Who moved my cheese?’ The Jewish answer to this is clearly Hashem. Hashem moved my cheese.

And He did, as He does. He moves our lives where they need to go whether we come along with a smile or kicking and screaming. We choose our response, never our circumstances. We’re given our circumstances to test us and help us grow. It’s a journey and the goal posts we make for ourselves aren’t necessarily the ones we need. In the arena of our lives where we think we know how best to reach our goals, whatever they may be, we are sometimes derailed by the One who knows best where we should go. So let go and enjoy your journey. For the things we try to hold onto the most will inevitably be moved too. Despite our best efforts to keep working, keep fighting for them, sometimes we’re just fighting for the wrong thing and we don’t even see it until we’re forced to. Nothing is permanent except Hashem and our cheese is never really ours to keep. We are just given it to look after for however long we’re meant to: to learn, to grow. As hard as it is to let go of things or people you love or your personal truths, holding on serves no purpose anymore. Hashem has moved it. It is no longer the right path.

A year ago Hashem took the cheese from under my nose. I was so focused on the cheese that I didn’t even see it coming. And when it disappeared, the shock really took me off my feet. It paralysed me.

After a long time I was able to put Hashem back in the picture. I remembered that He always looks out for me and this time it’s no different. I may not agree with it, it may be painful and illogical, and it may be in a different direction to my goal posts, but it’s right. Hashem gives us enough room to do our due diligence, to try our best, and if our best doesn’t achieve the expected outcome then you and Hashem aren’t on the same page. It’s a sign that your cheese is no longer meant for you. Maybe it was even there just to teach you that cheese is always temporary.

So, be strong enough to fight for your cheese and humble enough to know that Hashem is in control despite your best efforts. If Hashem moved your cheese…ask Hashem to guide you along your journey and keep moving. Follow Hashem to where He takes you and enjoy the journey along the way. It’s always for the best.



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