The vessel & the light: a chanukah perspective on modesty


All our lessons can be learnt from Torah. Chanukah teaches us something very special about tzniut – that the vessel doesn’t need to be extravagant for the light to shine brightly. In fact a vessel too fancy takes away from the awesome power of the light. The source and meaning which is inherent in the light becomes lost or diminished by the attention being taken away by the vessel.

When you notice the chanukia first, and not the light, something has gone amiss. Use these 8 days of chanukah to reflect on the beautiful spark of holy light you have inside you. As you add a flame every night consider how you can add more of your light into the world while keeping your vessel just that, a vessel.


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    1. Baal Teshuva says:

      Thanks for reposting! Some great insight from the other blogs.

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