Yom Kippur mp3s that changed the day, and hopefully the year

I guess it’s better late than never but here is a link to Doniel Katz’ Yom Kippur mp3 series. These are incredible. No really. They absolutely changed my dovening and Yom Kippur experience. So if you didn’t ‘feel it’ this year or felt it so much that your heart hurts from all the beating, please do yourself a favour and have a listen. There’s always next year, and all the days during the year, to return to your Self.

There’s also some other great free mp3s to download there, which I will surely listen to shortly.



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  1. I have posted a link to this article on my site. Thanks for sharing!!! https://lucidtmedia.com/journal/yom-kippur-reflections-the-engineering-of-failure-how-the-soul-uses-failure-as-a-trigger-for-remembrance/

    1. laura says:

      Thanks for the re-post! Much appreciated.

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