Balancing modesty and self expression

Modesty is much more than how we dress. It’s about our thoughts, actions and words as well. So when you try to do and act in a way that’s not attention grabbing (or seeking!) how do you still express who you are on the inside? We often use clothes, words and actions to say who we are. What’s the balance between being true to who we are, to bringing out the best in ourselves, without being too ‘noticeable’? Or, is it ok to be noticeable as long as you’re noticed for the right reasons. I’d say that true tzniut (modesty) would mean that even if you’re doing a good thing, it should be done in the most candid way possible. For example, it’s considered more honorable to give charity anonymously than publicly. What if a person is a naturally vibrant bubbly person and isn’t being noticed because they are showing off, but rather because that’s their natural selves?


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  1. B”H

    I think you are asking the right questions….I think the answers are individual and are best worked through as an integrated part of learning…..I am interested in studying this more…if you would like a chavrusa.

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