Media vs. Modesty – another brilliant piece by Gila Manolson

In a great excerpt from her new book ‘Choosing to Love’, Gila Manolson once again plainly and simply gives us the statistics and the logic about the fight that we have on our hands. I’m not a socialist by any means and in fact I work in the advertising industry, but that gives me the perspective to see how images and words are used to sell a lifestyle, a trend, an escape. We sell more than products that’s for sure.

Who is on the receiving end? Carefully targeted consumers of all ages. We know what you read, where you go, who with, how often and much more. Many ads are received and understood subconsciously, coming out later as an after thought or when you walk past a shop. It’s a real shame that people are set up to be vulnerable like this, to not see the signs in the signs. It’s the tragedy of our society that we can’t see in before we look out. Hashem made us inperfect in an inperfect world, but we have the wits to overcome it – that’s the point. I often feel like screaming “WAKE UP!”

I wonder if something would be different if everyone’s parents told them frequently how beautiful they are on the inside. Would that change it all or would the media still out-do us? I believe that everything starts in the home. If the focus is on our inner-selves in the home then the outside is that little bit less effective and more superficial. Too many of our homes these days, especially in the Western world, focus on getting the right tan or the right body or losing weight by 2 kg – as the article points out, all we want is ‘just that little bit more’. Unfortunately it never stops there. I see it all around me much too frequently. I wonder what the world would look like if Libraries and Universities opened up at the rate of gyms. I know I know, I’m just dreaming. A few places like this do exist in the world, where you grow up seeing, hearing and feeling that it’s the inside that matters. What beautiful magical places they are.

Anyway, enough of me, here’s the article: beauty industry vs modesty


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