some new sources of jewish mp3s, shiurs, and the super-dooper DK singing his song

As I’m always looking for more inspiration and knowledge on the web, I thought it’s best I share what I find. It’s not always easy to track down reliable sources for Jewish learning, free shiurs on mp3s, etc. Here’s some sources you might like: (this is one of the scientific geniuses that crossed into Judaism and draws incredible insight – who’d think he has a blog!) (don’t know his classes but about to find out! – this comes recommended) (not sure if I’ve mentioned this one before but it has tones of free mp3s and the amazing Rebbetzin Heller.

PLUS – I’ve finally found the Doniel Katz website that I had heard rumours about and that he was considering starting when I first saw his phenomenal classes in Jerusalem a few years back. Anyway, this guy can pull a LOT of people into a very small room and have them all at the edge of their seats. He puts the cool into Yiddishkite and the wacky-super-plugged-in-spiritual-kabbalistic-STUFF back into the same age-old concepts that you may have already thought you knew. He had an absolute following and we can claim him as our own super-hero because he’s from Melbourne, Australia, and learnt under our very own Rabbi. So now that you too want to hear something real, this is his site:

Here’s a snippet:

Much learning to be had…it’s easier being ignorant but so much less meaningful. Why be alive if you’re not living?


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