when a pattern in your life presents challenges and opportunities

Have you ever noticed a re-occurring theme in your life? Does something keep re-occurring to you? I’ve a great believer of everything being an opportunity to grow or to think about life, to change. But I’ve noticed in others’ lives and in my own that certain themes come up that are unique for the individual. It is almost like Hashem saying: ‘hey, you there, this is the area you need to grow in, this is the challenges I will keep throwing at you until you get it”.

This week I have discovered the pattern that keeps happening in my life and it’s kind of scary. I seem to be always needed for helping family in hospital. No matter who or when, I seem to be the one available and ready to help. I keep getting thrust into these situations over and over again. This realisation is good in that now I know where I can help and where I seem to always be needed. The scary part is it feels like a bad oman for the rest of my family who keep ending up with all sorts of ailments. What about free will? Does my challenge mean that those around me will be forced into hospital situations to help teach me the lessons I need to learn?

How do you know when you’ve overcome the challenge? How do you know what it really is?


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