brilliant omer class by my rabbi: making the counting count!

A quote from this week’s class regarding the Omer, what it means and how to tap into its energy:

“the purpose of the counting is not to count the numbers, but to make the numbers count”

“today is a day – what have I done today?” (i.e. every day is precious so you should inject purpose into it)

Our job during the Omer is to see Hashem in everything we do and bring Him into everything we do. That’s the hard part – seeing His influence in the mundane as well as the spectacular. He doesn’t have to stop European airspace to show His rule. It’s present in every day if we’re open to seeing it and willing to appreciate it. In reality, everything is attributable to Hashem since He is infinite. Our egos tend to get in the way of appreciating His influence – we think “I put all that effort in and my effort has created this result”. The truth is, there is no causal relationship. If Hashem can make the 10 plagues and stop European airspace, He can definitely make your daily ‘nothings’ go really well or really poorly. Yes, put in effort, but realise the result is only possible with Hashem’s management.

We all have busy lives (I for sure do), so it’s not always easy to stop and think and inject meaning and personal growth. But we need to, for without it we have wasted an entire day and the one thing we can never get back is time. Use the Omer to make every day count and to bring the focus back on the important things in life. We should always ask ourselves (not only during the counting of the Omer): “What did I do today to make it count?”

…and do it.


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