the emotions of a bris

Today we went to another bris. It’s a very emotional event and I tend not to be able to look at the mother for fear that I too might start crying. I get a tight knot in my heart every time I go and I wonder how it is that the mother actually handles such intense emotion, especially with all the changes in hormones after birth. Bisrat Hashem, we will one day experience such emotion. Mind you, I’m not at all an emotional person and I always get surprised at my own reaction to the bris. Thank G-d I’m female and can’t actually see the bris in action.

What makes the bris so emotional? It’s definitely not the crying of the baby – every time it seems the distress is much more so from the nappy coming off than the actual procedure. Today, the baby wasn’t even crying after. The heavy weight of emotions that fills the room, even more so than at a wedding, I’d say comes from the meaning and significance of what is happening. The bris, or the covenant, is the babies real birth. It’s the entry of the boy into the Jewish world – the first step on the life journey to bettering ourselves. It’s his first mitzvah and it will impact who he is for the rest of his life. It’s a statement that us humans have a lot to achieve in this world.


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