a little extra soul before Shabbos

We turned the clocks back one hour here in Melbourne. Apart from it being very dark when I leave home for work and when I come home from work it also means a lot less time preparing for Shabbos.

Unlike many other frum women who ‘work at home’ and possibly have more opportunity to cook earlier, I leave work on Friday at noon and then begin the (real) amazing race to do all the shopping, prepare all the food, clean up, and get the place Shabbos ready. It’s a very big task in general but it’s all the harder in the winter months. Often times I start to panic at how much needs to be done and where I’m going to find the hours and energy to do it all. Then, I stop and think; I have miraculously always been able to do what needs to be done for Shabbos. Not because I’m a super-hero but possibly because Hashem is. As I light the candles and plonk onto the couch for a breather I always get a rush of emotions – both relief that it’s all done and gratitude that I have been assisted. Sometimes, it’s such a stretch of the imagination to get everything done in time that I really think a miracle must have taken place. Not sure if it’s time slowing or my adrenaline fired up, but the end result is miraculous.

I wonder if other women around the world experience something similar? A sensation of something greater than themselves happening. I’ve heard that we have an extra soul or an expansion of our soul during Shabbos, but maybe, just maybe, it starts before Shabbos. Maybe, as The Beatles say it, ‘I get a little help from my friend’. Not sure that it would be possible any other way…


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