surprising yourself

Sometimes challenges come from all sorts of strange places and other times they come from right under your nose. Either way they are most satisfying to quench. You know you’ve had real growth when you can see your challenge before it becomes one – before it evolves and becomes its own entity – before it’s too late to rein it in. Growth is being able to outwit the challenge. Sounds hard, and it is. At the time it strikes you can never be sure if it’s a real challenge and whether you can actually overcome it. The power of challenges is that they always seem insurmountable. The reality is that it’s your challenge because you can overpower it. If you couldn’t do it, Hashem wouldn’t give it to you. In that regard you need to believe both in Hashem and in yourself. With those two ingredients you watch the event unfold, almost from the side lines or from a bird’s eye view, like being in the Matrix. You see it coming for you and you deflect or fight, or do whatever is appropriate at the time. To overcome these personal challenges is surely the sweetest pleasure. You sit back after it’s all been and done and you know you’ve just won over the circumstances and over yourself. It’s very very sweet. You may have time to relax before your next challenge, but you may not. Everyone’s challenges are different and come at different times. All I know is that if you’re not ready for it, you won’t win. Today I am one up.

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