mixing in the city

There’s something I really love about the city. It has a vibe, a speed about it that excites my sensors and makes me feel like I have birds-eye vision. Every face is unique, every life has a story. It’s so powerful being amongst it.

It makes me wonder about Hashem’s awesome power, controlling, manipulating, changing my environment so that it is exactly as I see it and exactly what I need to grow. More miraculous is that it is the exact environment that those around me also need to see and grow from. From their perspective they get exactly the interface they need to be challenged with and engaged in the specific way they need. And so are all individuals. The environment around you is orchestrated exactly for you to reach your potential.

I love watching it. I love being in it. I love waiting for a challenge, getting it, overcoming it, and smiling. There is nothing more satisfying than overcoming a challenge and nothing more rewarding than knowing it was coming, from somewhere, from someone, sometime, whenever Hashem chooses to send it.

Some people stumble and scream and others choose to open their eyes and step forward.


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