Israel 2

Even though I went to Israel with specific questions about Judaism and the practice of the religion, I never realised what a profound effect the answers would have on me. I guess when you are open to the search then you should be open to dealing with the findings.

I drilled everyone possible with my questions. Male, female, highly learned, less so, religious, less religious. Everyone had a perspective; everyone had their own explanation that they were most comfortable with. It is interesting to find in Judaism the multitude of opinions on the one topic, and yet a basic acceptance of everyone’s opinions. Explanations varied greatly from the highly statistical and overly methodical to the highly emotional and spiritual. For me two answers made the most sense – the family lineage one during 3rd meal at the Heritage House and the most plainly intuitive one from my one-on-one tutor Faigi at Neve. The truth I realised can only be understood as the truth when it becomes plainly obvious within your intuition. You know the truth when something just makes sense, deep inside. It neither needs clarification nor explanation. If you want an intellectual answer to back it up then go for it – seek it out. But for the main part, the truth just makes plain sense.

As confronting and scary and intimidating as Neve and Har Nof was, I got there the answers that I was after. My questions where answered. And although I thought that I could then rest, it has started the search for everything else. So much knowledge is out there that I have no idea about. Now it is my job to seek it out – find the proof, find the beauty, find the wisdom that I know nothing about.


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